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AAR Mysticism is sponsored by the Mysticism Group of the American Academy of Religion (AAR) and is intended to assist in communication and conversation among people interested in the academic study of mysticism.

This Group began as a Consultation within the AAR in 1987 and achieved formal Group status in 1989. While its early focus was primarily Christianity and Western religions — and the study of experience and textual interpretation within those areas — the Group has grown and changed over time, paralleling the change and growth in the AAR itself. Today, our conversations cut across boundaries that characterize many of the Program Units within the AAR — boundaries of discipline, tradition, temporality, and region. Members of our Group use different methodologies and work across a variety of disciplines, among which are the psychology of religion, sociology of religion, history of religions, hermeneutics and textual analysis, biographical analysis, feminist studies, film studies, philosophy of religion, mysticism and science, art criticism, postmodern theory, cultural studies, and anthropology of consciousness, among others. This interdisciplinarity has importance not only to our work as scholars, but also to our work as teachers and public educators. We post our current call, past sessions, a selection of past papers, as well as links in the field of mysticism to our Website at www.aarmysticism.org.

The AAR Mysticism Group presents this website as a benefit and service to people interested in the topic. The American Academy of Religion does not administer or manage this website, and the website does not reflect the policies and procedures of that organization. The American Academy of Religion accepts no responsibility for the opinions or information posted on this website. Any problems with the content, information, opinions, or design of this venture should be directed to the administrators of the website.x