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The Mysticism Group of the American Academy of Religion  
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Orlando, Florida, USA

November 21-24

Session One:

“Crossing Boundaries: Mysticism, Ethics and Aninomianism”

G. William Barnard, Southern Methodist University
Jonathan Shear, Virginia Commonwealth University
Jeffrey J. Kripal, Westminster College
Livia Kohn, Boston University
Richard Woods, Loyola University, Chicago

Session Two:

“Mysticism and Power: Poltical, Spiritual, and Supernormal”

Jeffrey S. Lidke, University of California, Santa Barbara:
Blessed by Virgins: Regal Mysticism and the Maintenance of Power within Nepala-Mandala

Jean Moleskly-Poz, Graduate Theological Union:
Contemporary Maya Religious Experience: “To Enter the Mystery is our Reality”

Richard King, University of Stirling, Scotland:
The Politics of Defining Mysticism: A Geneology of “the Mystical”

Cynthia Moe-Lobeda, Union Theological Seminary, New York:
Union with Christ in the Ethics of Martin Luther

Alexander Nava, Seattle University:
Mysticism and Tragedy in the Vision of Simone Weil

Debra J. Jensen, Mt. Royal College
Power in Action: A Study of Florence Nightingale’s Ethical Mysticism