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The Mysticism Group of the American Academy of Religion  
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Nashville, Tennessee, USA
November 18-21

Session One:

“Mysticism and Its Contexts”

Ninian Smart, University of California, Santa Barbara
Robert M. Gimello, Harvard University
Janet Gyatso, Amherst College
Steven Katz, Boston University

Session Two:

“Divine Madness”

June McDaniel, College of Charleston:
Mahabhava and Bhavavesa: Divine Madness in Vaisnava Mystical Theology

Neil Douglas-Klotz, Edinburgh Institute of Advanced Learning:
Methodical Madness: The ‘Psychotic’ and the ‘Spiritual’ in the Development of Western Religious Hermeneutics

Branden Miller, Oxford University:
Novelty and the Numinous: Schizotypy, Latent Inhibition, and Religious Experience