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The Mysticism Group of the American Academy of Religion  
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

November 23-26

Session One:

“How Do Mystics Understand Self-annihilation versus Self-actualization?”

Sarah K. Pinnock, Trinity University:
Bodily Mysticism of the Annihilated Self

Stuart R. Sarbacker, Loyola University, Chicago:
The Numinous and Cessative as Dimensions of Indian Mysticism

John R. Haule, C. G. Jung Institute, Boston:
Self-annihilation and Ecstasy: The Engine of Franciscan Sadhana

Margaret E. Taylor-Ulizio, Marquette University:
The Christological Basis for Self-Actualization and Self-Annihilation in the Works of Catherine of Siena and Teresa of Avila

Session Two:

“Current and New Methodologies for the Study of Mysticism”

Willemien Otten, Utrecht University:
The Mystical Embrace: Desire and the Body in Eckhart and Eriugena

Martin T. Adam, McGill University:
A Post-Kantian Perspective on Recent Debates about Mystical Experience

Arthur Versluis, Michigan State University:
Method in the Study of Mysticism and the Esoteric

Willem Zwart, University of Colorado, Boulder:
Toward an Anthropology of Consciousness


Session Three:

Mysticism Group and Person, Culture and Religion Group

“Celebrating the Centennial of William James' 

Varieties of Religious Experience"

G. William Barnard, Southern Methodist University, Presiding:


Ellen Kappy Suckiel, University of California, Santa Cruz

Anne Taves, Claremont School of Theology

Eugene Taylor, Harvard University

Osborne Lorentzen, State University of New York, Morrisville