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The Mysticism Group of the

American Academy of Religion

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Atlanta, Georgia, USA

November 22-25

Session One:

"Mysticism and Mystics 'Within' and 'Without' Formally Recognized Spiritual Traditions"

Ridgeway Addison, Catholic University of America, Georgetown University,
Marymount University:

The Confluence of Peace and Nonviolence in the
Mystical Theology of Howard Thurman

Lissa McCullough, Muhlenberg College:

Simone Weil's Radical Mysticism

Kenneth T. Rose, Christopher Newport University:

Interspirituality and Unsaying: Apophatic Strategies for Departicularizing Christ and the Church in Current Roman Catholic Mystical Movements

G. William Barnard, Southern Methodist University:

Postmodern Mystical Healings

Session Two:

"Mysticism from a Feminist Perspective"

Beverly Lanzetta, Prescott College:

Julian and Teresa As Cartographers of the Soul: A Contemplative Feminist Study

Elizabeth Dreyer, Fairfield University:

Feminist Appropriation of Medieval Mysticism: Borrowing or Stealing?

Tracy Coleman, Colorado College:

Spiritual Freedom within Social Constraints? Eros and Gender in the Construction of Hindu Mysticism

June McDaniel, College of Charleston:

My Mother, Myself: Female Mystical Identity in Bengali Shaktism