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The Mysticism Group of the

American Academy of Religion

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For the AAR Annual Meeting

in San Antonio, TX, USA,

November 20-23:

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A21-22 Mysticism Group
November 21, Sunday - 9:00 am-11:30 am
CC - Room 001B

Neil Douglas-Klotz, Edinburgh Institute for Advanced Learning, Presiding

Theme: Mystics as Activists

Lynn Bridgers, Spring Hill College:
Mystic as Activist: Trauma, Mimesis, and the Currents of Consciousness

Jerome Gellman, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev:
Hasidic Mysticism as Activism

Jerry Law, Claremont Graduate University:
Mystical Self, Activist Self: Religion and Emancipation in the Thought of
Simone Weil

Lisa Powell, Princeton Theological Seminary:
Howard Thurman and Troeltsch's Third Type

Gregory A. Banazak, SS Cyril & Methodius Seminary and Luis Reyes Ceja,
Universidad del Valle de Atemajac:
The Role of Mysticism in Conversion to Social Activism: The Case of
Sixteenth-Century Latin America

A21-115 Mysticism Group
Sunday - 4:00 pm-6:30 pm
CC - Room 206B

June McDaniel, College of Charleston, Presiding

Theme: Mystical Triggers, Mystical Experience

Stuart R. Sarbacker, DePaul University:
Herbs as a Means to Power in PataƱjali's Yogasutra

Kelly Baker, Florida State University:
Henry Ossawa Tanner and Visual Mysticism

Mary Ann Clark, University of Houston, Clear Lake:
Ambiguities in Santeria Possession Trance: Challenges to the Unitary and
Gendered Self

Glenn Young, University of Missouri, Kansas City
The Sound of Silence: Quasi-Mantric Prayer in Modern Christian Mystical

Business Meeting:
June McDaniel, College of Charleston, and Neil Douglas-Klotz, Edinburgh Institute for Advanced Learning

Islamic Mysticism Group and Mysticism Group
November 22, Monday - 1:00 pm-3:30 pm

CC - Room 001A

Barbara R. von Schlegell, University of Pennsylvania, Presiding

Theme: In Theory and in Practice: Sufi Thinkers on the Integration of
Ontology and Ethics

Richard J. McGregor, Vanderbilt University:
The Ontology of the Master-Disciple Relationship:

The Shaykhs of the Wafa'iyya

Timothy Gianotti, University of Oregon:
Knowledge Illuminating Practice, Practice Precipitating Knowledge: The
Symbiotic Relationship of the Practical and the Theoretical in the Mystical
Thought of Abu Hamid al-Ghazali

Neil Douglas-Klotz, Edinburgh Institute for Advanced Learning:

Languages of Experience: The Theory and Practice of a General Semantics

Laury Silvers, Skidmore College:
The Presence of Theoretical Sufism in the Early Period: With an Example of
the Interrelationship between the Theoretical and the Practical from the
Work of Abu Bakr al-Wasiti (d. ca. 320/928)


T. Emil Homerin, University of Rochester