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American Academy of Religion

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For the AAR Annual Meeting

in San Antonio, TX, USA

November 19-22.


Mysticism Group, Science, Technology, and Religion Group, and Western Esotericism Group

Theme: Esoteric Sciences and Mystical Technologies

Saturday, 1:00 PM–3:30 PM

Claire Fanger, Rice University, Presiding

Christa Shusko, York College of Pennsylvania Astrological Eugenics: Eleanor Kirk’s The Influence of the Zodiac Upon Human Life (1894)

Liane Carlson, Princeton University William James and the Anesthetic Unconscious

Katie Givens Kime, Emory University Experimental Entanglements: Methodological Innovation in Research on Entheogens and Mystical Experience

Meera Kachroo, McGill University Tantric Hermeneutics with a Scientific Spin: Srividya and Public Esotericism

Responding: G. William Barnard, Southern Methodist University



Mysticism Group

Theme: Depth Psychology as a Hermeneutical Key for Mystical Phenomena

Saturday, 4:00 PM–6:30 PM

Jason N. Blum, Davidson College, Presiding

David Odorisio, Pacifica Graduate Institute Dionysus in Depth: Mystes, Method, and Madness

Thomas Cattoi, Graduate Theological Union Rescuing Alexandria: Depth Psychology and the Return of Allegorical Exegesis

Ann Gleig, University of Central Florida Embodying Enlightenment: The Adoption of Depth Psychology in Contemporary American Mysticism

Margarita Simon Guillory, University of Rochester Beyond the Racialized Ego: Depth Psychology and Self-Representation in the Nahziryah Monastic Community

Responding: William Parsons, Rice University

Business Meeting: Ann Gleig, University of Central Florida, and Stuart R. Sarbacker, Oregon State University, Presiding


A20-272 Mysticism Group

Theme: Violence, Sacrifice, and Suffering in Medieval Christian and Jewish Mysticism

Sunday, 3:00 PM–4:30 PM

John M. Thompson, Christopher Newport University, Presiding

Jeremy Brown, University of San Francisco Imago Martyris as Imago Templi in the Writings of R. Moses de León: On the Contemplative Practice of Dismemberment in 13th C. Castilian Kabbalah

John Arblaster, KU Leuven The Wound of Love and Spiritual Death in Richard of Saint-Victor and John of Ruusbroec

Amber Griffioen, University of Konstanz Longing, Suffering, and Love in Medieval “Minnemystik”